Kalends September: Jupiter Thunderer and Juno Queen of the Gods

Jupiter and Juno touching cheeks

Jupiter & Juno on Mount Ida, James Barry 1790

Kalends September

Many Kalends are dedicated to specific deities, and September starts with Jupiter and Juno. Jupiter is honored throughout the month of September, with games in his honor as well as a ritual feast on the Ides. At some point this ritual feast was celebrated not only for Jupiter but for the Capitoline Triad, Jupiter, Juno, Minerva. Juno is often celebrated at the beginning of months. Even as we celebrate her in her role as Jupiter’s spouse and queen of the gods, we also see Latona (Leto) coming up later in the month. The marital life of the rulers of the gods was certainly not depicted as placid or uncomplicated. So if not even the home life of the gods is perfect, what hope do we mortals have? Perhaps the lesson is that marriage is messy, making a family and home is messy, and yet we persevere.

On this day, raise a toast in remembrance of the happy couple. This moment of marital bliss won’t last, but it will return.

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One of the ongoing struggles of the Roman polytheistic life is trying to figure out when the year begins. The original Roman year began in March, or Martius, the opening of the “war” season. ┬áThe original calendar was also lunar, which means that kalends falls on the new moon and ides on the full moon. So the first of your year could be March 8th, or January 9th, or January 1st, since our current calendar is based on the Roman one.

None of this helps you figure out what Roman year it is, since that’s figured “after the founding of the city of Rome, inconveniently marked as April 21st, 753 B.C. E. That makes it 2768, for now.

May Janus, god of good beginnings, bless you and your household in this New Year. Whenever it starts for you!