A Roman Reading List

Title page from John Price's Latin edition of ...

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Livy: The History of Rome

Apuleius: Metamorphoses (The Golden Ass)

Ovid: Fasti (Feast Days)

Plutarch: Roman Questions


Religion in Ancient Etruria,  by Jean-René Jannot, tr Jane K. Whitehead

The Gods of Ancient Rome, by Robert Turcan

Roman Religion by Valerie Warrior

Roman Religion by John Scheid

The Roman Festivals of the Period of the Republic by William Ward Fowler

Religion of the Romans by Jorg Rupke

A Companion to Roman Religion by Jorg Rupke

Romans and Their Gods in the Age of Augustus by R.M. Ogilvie

Roman Women by Augusto Fraschetti

Dress and the Roman Woman: Self-Presentation and Society by Kelly Olsen


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