Happy Vestalia

Temple of Vesta

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This is Vesta’s day. Today we honor the goddess of the living flame who makes domestic life possible. Though Vesta is very much a household goddess as she is the goddess of the hearth, Vestalia was a state celebration in Roman times.  The temple of Vesta, attended to by the Vestal Virgins, served as the hearth for the Roman empire. You can see a reenactment on the state holiday, done at the temple of Vesta:

I honor Vesta at my morning devotions by lighting a flame and asking for her blessing with my take on a common prayer: “Salve, Mother Vesta, may your flames always guide us. Mother Vesta, may all be well this morning in our house.” Today, I’ll bring her flowers and bread and mola salsa and say thank you to her for looking after us so well. Below you can find a link to White Moon Gallery’s suggestions on ways to honor Vesta.  Though it’s not Mos Maiorum, it is very nice indeed with many helpful suggestions.


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  1. June 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    […] to be “a good place the begin examining the role of women in the religio Romana.” Rufia Prisca’s House discusses her own observance of Vestalia and provides a video of a historical re-enactment of roman […]

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