Blessed Ides

Roman calendar

Image by diffendale via Flickr

The Ides are sacred to Jupiter, and this month we managed to all together as a family  to hail Jupiter.  We offered up wine, incense, bay, and a bit of our Ides meal. The meal-sharing is probably more appropriate for our Lars than for Jupiter, but I didn’t have the cheese on hand to make cakes. Next month perhaps we will do better.

Digging around for pre-formatted prayers, I stumbled across the website of the Gens Apollonia. They have a page of very helpful pre-made prayers for the Lararium, Kalends, Nones, and Ides. The Gens Apollonia is a kin group of Nova Roma, and so the prayers need a bit of adjustment for those of us who are neither Apollonea nor citizens of Nova Roma. The amount of rewriting needed is fairly minor, and the prayers are good.

I tend to move everything back into English because although my children and I know a fair bit of Latin, saying prayers in Latin reminds me strongly of my Roman Catholic upbringing. That in itself isn’t completely bad, but one of the big complaints about the Latin mass in the days when mass was said in Latin was that people in the pews didn’t understand it and therefore it led to a less than authentic religious experience. We have the understanding to do the prayers in Latin, but at this point I am unconvinced that it would be better to do them in Latin. We want to speak from the heart first and foremost. For now I think that’s easiest to do in our mother tongue.

This month for me has been focused very much on connecting with Juno, and so I find it very fortuitous that today came together in a way that allowed us to make a bigger gesture at Ides to Jupiter than I’ve managed in the past. Jupiter is Juno’s spouse, after all, and so if I’m to have a better understanding and relationship with Juno, I should try to be cordial to her spouse as well.

May the great Sky Father smile luck down upon you! And if you’re living in the current drought zone, may Jupiter Pluvius please send us rain to bless our crops and lands.



  1. May 16, 2011 at 7:29 am

    this is fascinating – I had no idea = thanks

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