Juno Covella

M. Horatius Piscinus says that the 7th of each month is sacred to Juno Covella. Varro seems to be his source for this, but I’m struggling a little with my research on that. Today at my house, we worked a little more on Juno’s shrine outside. We also took out an offering. That strange little plate under the cake was a gift I gave to my mother as a Mother’s Day present many years ago.  When she passed away, it somehow got shuffled into her good china and passed back to me.  I decided to use it to carry offering to Juno because of its strong connection in my mind with Mother. It’s not the most beautiful thing, but it has undeniable meaning for me.

Offering to Juno

Offering to Juno

Prayer to Juno Covella

adapted from Marcus Horatius Piscinus’s “Oratio Juno Covella”

Hail Juno Covella, Goddess Eternal, She that holds the oldest shrines, most chate and pure of heart of all the Gods. We adore thee Goddess, We invoke you Juno, for it is written that you will bless those who call upont you and sacrifice to you.

I pray to you, Goddess Juno, and offer these gifts that you may favor my house and household and the households of my friends and commrades. May you also give favor to all that honor and serve You. May you be honored!

Juno Covella, I offer you this incense with earnest prayers that thou mayest be propitious to us, our children, our homes and our households.

Chaste and mighty Juno Covella, I pour out this offering of milk and honey to you with earnest prayers that you may be propitious to us, our children our homes and our households.

Eternal Goddess Juno Covella, may you be honored by the gift of this cake. So be it!


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