Kalends of May

the peacock is sacred to Juno

A week or so ago, I found the peacock in the picture above at a local discount store. For some time now, I’ve been casting about for some way to better connect with Juno, and the appearance of this peacock seemed to me like a sign. After giving it some thought, I got one and installed him in the front garden as the beginning of a shrine for Juno. I waited until today to do an initial dedication, as Kalends are sacred to Juno.

My daughter and I brought milk and honey and incense, and of course, prayers.  Over time I’d like to grow up this shrine, elaborate on it, but for today it is simply the peacock watching out for our House.

Hymn to Juno

Stately Goddess, do Thou please

Who art chief at marriages;

But to dress the bridal bed

When my love and I shall wed;

And a peacock proud shall be

offered up by us to Thee.

Robert Herrick, 1844

And as a side note, today is my 19th wedding anniversary.  Herrick’s poem seems doubly appropriate for us.  Our peacock is a dedication and not a sacrifice, but still perhaps auspicious to do on our anniversary.


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