Virtue Correlates

In my ADF studies, the nine virtues are Wisdom, Piety, Vision, Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, Hospitality, Moderation and Fertility. On Marcus Piscinus Horatius’s Religio Romana Cultorum Deorum’s discussion loop, the Religio’s virtues are Pietas, Fortitudo, Constantia, Amore coniugali, Moderatio, Amicitia, Pudicitia, Severitas, Iustitia and Fides.

There are some obvious correlates, though these are sometimes not as closely related as might appear on the surface, as is the case with Piety/Pietas. Again, these are not perfect correlates, but I think are close enough to talk about together.

  • Piety/Pietas
  • Constantia/Perseverance
  • Iustitia/Integrity
  • Moderatio/Moderation
  • Amicitia/Hospitality

I was going to put Fortitudo/Courage together, but instead ended up writing about why that didn’t quite work.

This leaves a handful of virtues from ADF and from Cultus Deorum without direct correlates. From the ADF list we have:

  • Wisdom
  • Vision
  • Fertility

though one could perhaps make a case for Fertility/Amore Coniugali. The problem with that is that fertility is more than simply producing human progeny and amore coniugali is for more than simply producing human progeny, but the things which fertility and amore coniugali expand into are not very related. One thing that they do share is that they are both virtues that are initially a very hard sell to modern people.

From Piscinus’s Cultus Deorum list, we have:

  • Amore coniugali (marital love)
  • Fortitudo (Fortitude)
  • Pudicitia (Chastity)
  • Severitas (self-regulation)
  • Fides (honor)

Pudictia and Severitas are also a hard sell to modern people. Pudicita/chastity makes me wince every time I see it, as it brings up notions of some of the worst suppressions of female sexuality and control of women in general in my mind. This isn’t a very useful way to think of it, and in any case I’m certainly not in favor of the modern “hook up” culture any more than I’m in favor of girls “marrying” their dads to keep their virginity under strict guard until they’re passed off to a husband. Severitas, with its overtones of austerity, has similar issues.

Writing virtues for ADF and Religio Roma means I’m going to be duplicating some things, worrying over others, and perhaps adding a few of my own that don’t belong to either, like the Virtus.  I wonder what my personal list will look like when I’m finished with these essays? Various ancient philosophers had their own lists of virtues that include different things than either Piscinus’s list or the ADF list, or even Christian or Jewish or Muslim virtues. I think Virtues are a wonderful organizing principle for one’s religious life, though, and I’m glad to have a lot to think about in relation to them.



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