Rome: Season 1, Episode 5: The Ram has Touched the Wall

Two things stand out as the points of major interest in this episode from a religions of Rome standpoint. The first is Lucius Vorenus’s vigil for his entrance into the Evocati, shown very much like a medieval knight’s vigil. The second is Servillia with her defixinones, curses scratched into lead tablets and then shoved into the cracks of her victim’s villas.

Vorenus isn’t altogether thrilled at his promotion. Even though it comes with a somewhat reduced sign on bonus and a substantial increase in rank– he will now be a prefect, an officer in charge, it also comes with an oath to serve Mark Anthony “to death”. He says afterwards to Niobe, “I have sold myself to a tyrant” and I think he speaks not of Julius Caesar but of Anthony.

Servillia’s lead sheet curses were accompanied by very formal ritual language and she repeated the same lines and stabbings on each one, but I don’t think that her curse tablets had written out curses like the actual ones did. Once again I think the film makers sacrificed accuracy for theatrical effect.


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    […] Rome: Season 1, Episode 5– The Ram has Touched the Wall […]

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