Rome, Season 1: Episode 4– Stealing from Saturn

The less said about Atia’s over the top party in this episode, the better perhaps.  It was interesting to see the costume designers go all out with the wigs and the jewelry, though. Calpurnia, Caesar’s wife, is dressed perfectly normally, unlike Atia and most of the other Roman noblewomen.

Meanwhile, we have Caesar’s plotting and scheming to amuse us. I was slightly depressed by the bribing of the auger.  The priests say that they’ll do the augury on the first “clean” morning, which probably means on the first available morning that’s not nefastus or religiosus or ater.  An aside: I’m amused that unlucky days are “black” days comes from Rome. One wonders sometimes what *doesn’t* come from Rome.

Lucius Vorenus’s Janus bust getting broken at the feast was really heartbreaking. Given the circumstances, it seemed more of an omen for Niobe than Lucius, but it doesn’t bode well for Lucius either.

But hey, the auguries are good! For Gaius Julius Caesar. For now.

This episode expounds upon the theme of the patricians using religion as a convenient way to manipulate people and the plebs as the easily led true believers a little strongly for my taste.  Vorenus straddles the line between patrician and pleb, believer and user. Caesar has no trouble at all using Saturn’s money for his own purposes, and Pullo was obviously and completely horrified when he realized just where his wagon treasure had come from.  I’m wondering now just how far the writers plan to take this particular theme.


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