Rome, Season 1: Episode 2– How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic

Bust of Mark Antony from the Vatican Museums.

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Lots of interesting stuff in this episode

Marc Antony being confirmed as People’s Tribune in the temple of Jupiter Maximus. Huh. I would have thought this would be done in the Senate. Must look this up.

Divorce, Roman style, where your family (in this case your scheming mother) decides you’re getting divorced. I know virtually nothing about Roman divorce law, so another thing to look up.

My first favorite moment of the episode, when Atia greets Octavian after his harrowing journey. She’s a very interesting sort of mother, full of plots and plans and scheming. Vorenus’s wife Niobe has her own plots, plans and scheming going on later. I like that these Roman women are presented as very complex characters and agents of action, not simply decorations and sex toys.

Next thing to look up, Goddess Spes. Also wondering why Cato wears only a black toga.


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    […] Rome, Season 1 Episode 2–How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic […]

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