Welcome to Rufia Prisca’s House

Salve, Omnes,

I’ve decided to split my Roman studies off from my ADF Dedicant blog.  Although in my heart and home ADF and the Roman kin are very much combined notions, for study purposes and for the purpose of sharing with various folks online, I think it’s better to separate the two.

For the purposes of being in communion with various Roman kin people online, I took on the Roman style name Tita Rufia Prisca. I am the domina (mistress) of my house. By this I mean that all the ritual activity, from morning devotions to planning out holiday rites and feasts, is my responsibility and carried out by me. In a historical Roman household, the dominus (master) of the house would have done the morning devotions at the Lararium. Even in the old days though, this duty occasionally fell to a woman. And this is a different time, when women are not housebound and take on different roles and tasks than they did in Classical times. I think the Immortal Gods, the Lares and the Penates understand!

Here on this blog, I’ll talk about Roman (or Neo-Roman, if you prefer) practices and beliefs and how they pertain to my house and practices, discuss what’s going on with the Roman calendar and how it plays out at my house, and probably natter endlessly about our Latin studies.

Gratias Tibi Ago, if you’re following along!


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